• Eucharistic Apostolate:


God experience is our real wealth and Eucharistic Apostolate is our main apostolate.  We share this treasure by various means and foster Eucharistic Devotion in the hearts of young and old around us by conducting Adorations in the schools, colleges and parishes, visits to the Blessed Sacrament,   catechism classes and frequent house visits and conducting prayer meetings.


 Centres of Perpetual Adoration


  • SABS Provincial House, Chumukedima
  • Shanti Bhavan, Dimapur
  • Paul Church, Imphal


  • Mission & Evangelization:


Jesus was sent by the Father to fulfill His loving salvific plan for mankind. This was extended to the disciples in their task of preaching to the ends of the earth. Every SABS too is sent out to propagate the mission of Jesus.  Following the footsteps of our Founder, an ardent missionary of his time, we go to both developed and undeveloped villages and centres to make the Eucharistic Lord known to all the people by our presence and ministries. We try to accomplish through evangelization, works of mercy and conducting various programmes in the parishes, villages and educational institutions.



  • Education Apostolate:


Following the example of Our Founder Venerable Thomas Kurialacherry who was an educationist, we help students from nursery to colleges to develop all their talents and to form integrated, healthy personalities for a better future. Aiming at the spiritual and temporal betterment of families, we prefer education of girls to form them as good wives, mothers and citizens. In accordance with our Founder’s vision, we impart spiritual values through religion classes for catholic students and moral instruction classes for all other students.


Institutions under Direct Management of the Province


  • Paul Hr. Sec. School, Dimapur, Nagaland
  • Bishop Kurialacherry Memorial Nursery School, Marangattupilly, Kerala


  • Healing Ministry:


Seeing the face of Jesus in the sick and suffering, our nurse sisters render loving and selfless service in healing ministry with tenderness and compassion. We run dispensaries under the management of the parishes we are working in, and take care of the physical, mental and spiritual needs of all the sick and show special concern to the poorest. We visit interior villages on weekends and distribute medicines to the sick, and give health education to the women especially to the expectant mothers.

We also have health classes and sex educations in the schools and colleges and make them aware of dreaded diseases like HIV, AIDS, and Tuberculosis etc.


  • Social Apostolate:


Following the example of Founder and co – Foundress, who committed themselves to the welfare of the poor and downtrodden, our sisters render service to the needy around us. The province runs a Women’s Vocation Training Centre, in the campus of SABS Provincial house, for school dropout Girls and help them to achieve a sustainable livelihood. They are trained in cutting and tailoring, knitting, bag making and fashion designing.


  • Pastoral Ministry:


We are fully involved in all the ministries and activities of the respective parishes we are in. We teach catechism, form various pious organizations  such as Christian Living Community (CLC), Small Christian community (SCC), Holy Childhood, Catholic Youth Association( CYA), Women’s Association etc.

We take classes for them; organize Bible Camps, competitions and common gatherings.


  • Family Apostolate:


Family is society’s nucleus and Foundation. We visit families of our centres regularly and spent enough time with them, teach them about the importance and sacredness of family and convince them of their responsibility to build a good home based on mutual love and respect. We work for the welfare of these families regardless of caste and creed.